Going Ultra Wide

Going ultra-wide with my vintage Vivitar 17mm F/3.5 MD/Minolta mount I picked up recently on eBay. From what I gather, this lens is a rebadged Tokina from some donkey years ago. I looked at the Minolta version but decided to give the Vivitar a try since the cost was less than the Minolta and to see if I could use an ultra-wide lens. Technically, the lens is far from good; or less perfect on my S1. Corners are soft and mushy, as with most lenses in this focal length, vignetting is expected with barrel distortion when shooting in Raw most of which can be corrected in post-processing or in-camera when shooting in Jpg.

Through all my years of photographing, I have never used an ultra-wide-angle lens, this is my first dive, and from what I've seen so far using this lens, this opens up possibilities to create some dramatic images. Stay tuned.

All shots Vivitar 17mm F/3.5 on Lumix S1 - Raw - LR Tweaks. BW conversion using DXO Film Pack 5 Ilford Pan F Plus 50, one of my favorite film simulations, cropped to 16x10 aspect ratio to eliminate the soft corners and vignetting exhibited by the lens.

Last two shots from GH5 w/Panasonic 10-25mm F/1.7 JPG SOOC. All in all, I'm learning how to work with ultra-wide angle focal lengths, more to come.