MD 28mm F/2.8 YM

MD 28mm F/2.8 YM

Year: 1981

Camera: Fuji X-Pro1

Sensor: APSC 42mm EQ

Serial #: 8086992

Tech Specs: Read


Minolta MD 28mm F/2.8 49mm Filter Thread - Yellow Markings (YM) aka V3 or 3rd Generation. In my opinion, this is the sharpest of all 28mm F/2.8 Minolta ever produced if you're into the sharpness space thing. Compared to the 28mm F/2.5 SI and other versions preceding it, the V3 takes the cake in the sharpness arena. As far as to build quality, it is much compact than its predecessors making it perfectly suitable on a camera body such as the Fuji X-Pro series, it weighs only a measly 190g. Mostly metal with high-quality plastic focus ribbed ring. The condition of my copy is near perfect, everything works as it should like almost brand new, with clean glass, no fungus, haze, etc. I've owned this lens for some years now, initially dismissing its performance in favor of the MC 28mm F/2.5 SI, its a close call, very close.

All photos shot in JPG with aperture ranging from F/2.8-F/5.6. Minor processing in LR.