MD 35mm F/2.8 YM

MD 35mm F/2.8 YM

Year: 1981

Camera: Fuji X-Pro1

Sensor: APSC 52.5mm EQ

Serial #: 8011309

Tech Specs: Read


Minolta MD 35mm F/2.8 49mm Filter Thread - Yellow Markings (YM) aka V3 or 3rd Generation. In my opinion, this is arguably one of the sharpest of all 35mm F/2.8 Minolta produced if you're into the sharpness space thing, a characteristic of the 49mm filter thread V3 series. Wide-open @ F/2.8 to F/5.6, this lens delivers beautiful crispness in a unique way across the frame without being digitally clinical-like native lenses. I plan on using this lens on a full-frame sensor soon.

As far as to build quality, it is light and compact making it perfectly suitable on a camera body such as the Fuji X-Pro series, it weighs only 170g. Mostly metal with high-quality plastic focus ribbed ring. The condition of my copy is near perfect, everything works as it should like almost brand new, with clean glass, no fungus, haze, etc. I've owned this lens for some years now and enjoy using it whenever I need a focal length of 50mm. All photos shot in JPG with aperture ranging from F/2.8-F/5.6. Minor processing in LR.