Feb 7, 2021

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Onlooker 2011

Going through my photo library earlier today, I bumped into this photo I had taken back in 2011 at a peaceful Iranian Freedom protest in Dupont Circle, Wash DC, using my then Leica M 8.2, the first Leica M digital with a Summarit 75mm F/2.5 lens and over the years, I've looked and skipped through this photo, never sure what to do with it, I've contemplated deleting it but, for some reason, I held on to it until now

If my memory serves me right, I believe this is the first time I'm posting this photo. I've edited this photo to my taste; here's what I did starting from the first photo, the original with some tweaks in Lightroom.

The BW is converted from the original via DXO Film Pack 5 using my favorite film Ilford Pan F Plus 50. I then took it into Affinity Photo to clean up some objects, Affinity Photo does a fantastic job at doing this using its Inpainting Brush Tool easily.

I then took the original clone and applied RNI Aerochrome Preset 18, then repeat the process of sending the photo to Affinity Photo to do a second round of cleaning up, being somewhat careful, making sure I was close to the first clean up. Then something weird happened, as I was thumbing through the edits sent back to LR in Tiff format from Affinity, I selected the RNI edit with the Aerochrome 18 Preset already applied, then moused over RNI presets in the Preset pane over the Aerochrome Preset 18 and, I get a different look, very different from the initial Preset 18

With this discovery in mind, I cloned the photo with the Aerochrome Preset 18 Tiff file, then applied Aerochrome Preset 17 for a different look, last photo,

1st photo - Original
2nd photo - BW DXO Film Pack 5 Ilford Pan F Plus 50
3rd photo - RNI Aerochrome 18
4th photo - RNI Aerochrome 17

All seems like a lot of work, not so, I was done with all edits in about 10mins.

Photo: Leica M 8.2 with Summarit 75mm F/2.5